Brief Intro Specs To Industrious Hay Spear

Brief Intro Specs To Industrious Hay Spear

This is a hay spear that allows the agricultural user to get a lot more done in the farmyard. The double bale hay spear certainly allows the farmer and his labor force to get a lot more work done. It is said that an adjustable hay bale spear is pretty much the best spear to use on the farm. This industrious spear follows a unique design. The design caters for the ability to pick up anything from two to six-foot hay bales.

Just one spear is able to load weights of nearly three thousand pounds. A double bale hay spear is equipped with two spears on its top and a further four small tines on its bottom. The improvised hay spear is easy to use. Spears can be easily adjusted by just flipping a clip up. After that, the user only needs to slide the device to its correct width required. Efficiency rates are being doubled for farm hands who can now move at least two round bales, instead of one, at once.

double bale hay spear

Even so, agricultural business owners and their labor can still watch online video demonstrations on how to use the equipment correctly and effectively. Here are a few highlighted specs to look at so long. The double adjustable hay bale spear’s attachment is providing its users with extra protection. The attachments are powder coated. All hoses attached are accompanied with protective sleeves. CID attachments have been warranted to be free from material defects and workmanship for up to a year.

The warranty period begins from the time of sale. Alternatively, smallholding operators can choose to lease or rent their equipment for cost effectiveness or affordability. This has been a brief introductory account so far. More detailed information on the product is at your fingertips.