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Why Cracks In Foundation Occur

foundation cracks tulsa ok

The shrinking and swelling of soil is, unbeknown to many, one of the common causes of foundation movements. This shifting of the soil is seasonal. This should reassure the reader in the sense that foundation cracks tulsa ok repair work need only be carried out when needed. Repairing foundation cracks need not be a costly affair. It might be a good idea to utilize the service during the driest months of the year.

Because it is during these dry months that rates of moisture will, of course, decrease. The soil shrink that occurs will allow foundations to settle. And of course, during the wetter parts of the year, moisture content will increase. And here again, the soil will expand, and this puts pressure on the foundations. There are also those times when the soil will swell to such an extent that foundations will be raised higher than their previous elevation.

This kind of movement is referred to as heaving. Another common cause of foundation cracks is that of poor site drainage. To circumvent this, it is necessary for surface and subsurface moisture to be diverted away from structures. This will enable the preservation of the building’s strength, as well as its desired elevation of the foundation system. Incorrectly compacted fills will pack down under the load of the building.

The issues of moisture will contribute towards to consolidation of the non-compacted fill. Another common cause is that of plumbing leaks. But these issues are usually only experienced during the building construction phases. But leaks have been trickling through for years in any event. At this stage, you may well suspect that poor building construction will be yet another common cause of foundation cracks.

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