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Top Tips to Help Prevent Electric Fireplace Fires

Many Jacksonville residents use electric fireplaces in their home. They knock off the night chill wonderfully and add aesthetic appeal to any home, especially those lining the beaches. Electric models require less maintenance, they save money, and they minimize the need to turn on the furnace, which again saves money and energy. However, that isn’t to say electric fireplaces don’t also include risks.

Schedule Preventive maintenance

Schedule Preventive maintenance at least once per year to ensure the fireplace is ready for the winter weather. It’s a simple service that saves money and prevents many common mishaps that people experience with the units each year. You’ll enjoy assurance in the unit and other benefits when you arrange this service.

Keep Objects Away

One of the most important things to do as the owner of an electric fireplace is ensure that nothing touches the fireplace that could catch fire. This includes toys, furniture, plants, clothing, and blankets.  Anything that comes into contact with the fireplace poses a risk for fire. Don’t allow this mistake to happen.

Schedule Repairs Immediately

Electric fireplaces may experience damages that require a fast, efficient repair to prevent injury and damage to the home. When your fireplace malfunctions or simply does not provide the warmth and comfort as usual, it’s time to call out some of the great jacksonville electrical contractors to ensure this problem doesn’t compound and cause more worry at your home.

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Electric fireplaces are fun and cozy on those few cool Jacksonville nights, but make sure you don’t increase the risk of a fire using this unit. Keep the information above in mind to prevent those risks and enjoy your fireplace without worry or wonder if there will be a mishap with the unit.