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How To Manage Your Plastics

Plastics are an amazing invention from man.  With plastics we have been able to create amazing products that are cheap and strong.  With plastics we have the ability to have reusable containers, toys for our kids that are safe, moldable materials to create amazing structures and components that we can’t with other products and so much more.  We have even been able to develop technology that allows us to do plastic welding repairs on a lot of devices we would have otherwise discarded.

The world of plastics however has also taken a dark turn.  Many of the plastics we used in the past have not degraded or gone away.  Many of these plastic containers, bags, holders and more are filling up our oceans and killing off wildlife.  What was supposed to be a great benefit to mankind has turned dark.  However, don’t fear, there are some things that we can do to help turn things around.

Separate your plastics

More often than not we will toss our plastics away with other garbage such as metal, papers and food stuff.  To help the environment you will want to consider having a separate bin just for plastic.  Then when it is time to throw the items away you can request a recycling truck or take the plastics to a recycling center yourself.

Wash and reuse

If possible, wash and reuse.  I can’t tell you how many cool whip containers I had laying around when I was a kid.  When we wash and reuse, we can find a different purpose for our plastics.  The cool whip containers were great cereal bowls.  When you had friends over you could pretend you were eating whipped cream for breakfast.

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Art projects

Allowing your kids to use some of these plastics for art projects or other constructive busy time is a great way to allow them to be creative and find different ways to reuse items.  With the world being bombarded with plastics doing your small part might not seem like a lot, but when we all pitch in amazing things can happen.