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Design Tips For Your New Home

Designing your home can take a lot of thought, effort and planning.  Once you make your final decision as to how the house will be designed and constructed, you won’t be able to go back and make changes.  In traditional construction foundations of homes are made from blocks of concrete held together by mortar.  Today, that craft is a dying one and is being replaced by more effective techniques known as poured concrete walls pittsburgh pa.

Design your floor plan

The floor plan will be the heart of your home.  If you have a floor plan that is odd, doesn’t flow well or is confusing the rest of your home will follow the same pattern.  The best tip I can give for a good floor plan is to draw out where your optimal locations are for bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen will be.  Then attach or connect hallways for easy access.


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Windows will be great to add light to your home.  After you have your floor plan laid out you will then want to rotate your floor plan in such a way on your property to take advantage of the perfect views.  For instance, if you are building a house on the lake, then you will want to have a large window or sliding door facing the lake where you can see the sun raise or set.


Lighting in your home is also very important.  Having a dark and dreary house is not taking advantage of new construction.  With the right lighting you can feel warmth, love and a sense of home.  If your home is dark all the time, then you will begin to feel sluggish and tired. 

Putting everything together

Designing your home is where you will be able to put everything together.  Don’t hold back on your creativity.