Metal Fabrication Features Designed Just For You

Metal Fabrication Features Designed Just For You

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Metal fabrications designs just for you mean the following. Your metal fabrication portland oregon designs are transformed into low cost, manufacturing-capable parts and components. Typical materials under the spotlight include aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel. All fabricated jobs are finished with powder coating, plating, labelling and assembling, to name just a few of the finishing processes.

Here are just a handful of metal fabrications features for you to review in the meantime. There is a pre-production phase that needs to be worked through first and foremost. Shipping instructions are to the point so as to ensure that your metal fabrications order of work is delivered within a reasonable timeframe from the time you requested the work. All design, development, manufacturing work is delivered through the use of a unique hardware and software program.

A CAD/nesting programming system is being utilized for laser cutting processes. Systems in place will support most drawing file types. All that you really need to do is attached your pre-prepared or initial drawings to your email box and post it. Your metal fabrications workshop will take matters into their own hands on receipt of your email. Before any serious work can begin, an initial design review process still needs to be completed.

Not that this introductory phase to future metal fabrications is any less serious. A detailed record of the part you wish to have fabricated will be kept. The records could include prints, assembly instructions, information on material specifications, machine setup sheets, finishing instructions, as well as details on how the packaging and shipping of your finished articles need to be handled. The undertaking is given to deliver on short lead time requests.

This of course is important because as you know, time is money.